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Aggressive liquids, acids and strong acids are commonly used in various processes of the chemical industries, including manufacturing and wastewater treatment.
The corrosive nature of these substances cause severe damage to operators and equipment, including pumps, if not handled correctly. This can lead to unplanned downtime, costly repairs, and accidents, making it crucial to choose the right pump for the job.

Being a player of the chemical industry ourselves, we understand the risks associated with transferring these substances. ARGAL pumps are designed to withstand harsh environments and handle corrosive substances, ensuring safe and efficient operations.

Liquids & operations 

a few examples of ARGAL pumps employed in this sector
Transfer sulfuric acid 50% FRONTIERA TMF centrifugal mag-driven pump PP
Transfer HF (hydrofluoric acid) at 60°C ROUTE ZMR centrifugal mag-driven pumps  PP+ glass
Precoat circulation process saturated brine with alpha cellulose fibers  5% ELK TMA G1 centrifugal mag-driven pumps ETFE+carbon
Purification process non-concentrated acid substances PRIMA TMP centrigufal mag-driven pump PP+glass
Transfer bleach-based chemicals ASTRAevo DDE  air-operated double diaphragm pump (AODD) PP+glass
Abatment odor process fluorite and water mixed with acids for abatment at 50°/60°C EUROPA ZGE centrifugal mech-sealed pump PP

Our solutions

When selecting the ideal pump for chemical industry applications, it is important to consider a variety of factors. These factors may include viscosity, the density of the chemicals being handled, and the required flow rate. It is crucial to choose a pump that is well-suited to the specific needs of the chemical industry in order to ensure efficient and safe operations.
At ARGAL PUMPS, we are specialized in designing and manufacturing thermoplastic pumps made from high-quality materials that meet the highest industry standards, let us help you choose the right pump for your specific needs, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

πŸ‘‰ Horizontal centrifugal pumps [capacity: up to 1700 m3/h | heading: up to 8m | For all kinds of liquid]

The wide choice of configurations and materials of construction available makes it possible to adapt the pump to the characteristics of the liquid (abrasive, extremely corrosive, containing solids, toxics particles, etc. ) and to the performance required. 

The EUROPA and FRONTIERA ranges are ISO 2858 standard process pumps, available in mechanical or magnetic versions, with support or close-coupled for more difficult and continuous applications.
The ROUTE, PRIMA and BASIS ranges are ideal for continuous or discountinuouos service operations (with several statrts in the same day or over several months), with installation on units or systems and for services up to 45 m3/h, for any type of liquid.
Need to drain a liquid below the pump? The RHINO and ELK ranges are self-priming pumps up to 6m.



πŸ‘‰ Vertical centrifugal pumps [capacity: up to 275 m3/h | heading: up to 8m | for aggressive liquids, which often develop toxic gases and vapours]

ARGAL vertical solutions are particularly suitable for the movement of chemical waste, guaranteeing reliable operations and limiting the risk of contamination: the pump is immersed in the liquid, which avoids any risk of leaks.

K2 KGK and EQUIPRO vertical pumps can be installed on scrubber units, fume abatement towers, and storage tanks for moving waste liquids. 



πŸ‘‰ Pneumatic double diaphragm pumps [capacity: up to 1280 l/min | heading: up to 8m]

Our pneumatic solutions are also an optimal choice to consider thanks to their ability to handle liquids with difficult characteristics such as shear sensivitiy, the presence of solids up to 13mm, viscosity or abrasion. Among their characterstistics, they are self-priming and they are able to run dry, they ensure operations up to 1280 l/min, wether for continuous or discontinuous operations.

Discover our ASTRAevo, ASTRAsolid, MISTRAL and QUANTUM ranges!



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