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ARGAL was born in 1975 with the mission of providing improved pumping solutions for the galvanic industries, and from that purpose derives its own name: "ARticoli GALvanici", which means "Equipment for Galvanic Industries". ARGAL stepped in, focusing on the production of thermoplastic pumps specifically designed to address the challenges faced by the industry.

Thermoplastic pumps have proven to be a game-changer in the galvanic industries, offering superior chemical and corrosion resistance compared to their metallic counterparts. ARGAL understood the importance of providing pumps that could withstand the highly corrosive liquids involved in metal treatment processes.

Argal pumps are made of highly chemical resistant thermoplastics which easily overcome the transfer issues caused by corrosion and aggression. The Company has reached its main mission, offering industrial pumps that are reliable and efficient, from a mechanical and chemical point of view. 

processes to which our pumps can apply 

Liquids & operations

Transfer Hydrochloric acid 16% @75°C FRONTIERA ZMF Centrifugal, Horizontal, Mechanically sealed PP+G
Transfer  Chromic Acid ASTRAevo DDE Pneumatic, Double Diaphragm PP+g
Transfer Chromic Acid ROUTE TMR Centrifugal, Horizontal, Magnetic-Drive PP+g
Transfer Sulfuric Acid EQUIPRO HME Centrifugal, Vertical PP+g
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Our solutions

Since the beginning, the thermoplastic pumps have made the different compared to traditional metallic pumps, proving to be more resistant, efficient and reliable over time: after one or two decades of installation, our customers gave positive feedback and naturally chose ARGAL technology to power their production. 

Now, nearly 50 years after ARGAL's foundation, and throughout this time, the company has evolved alongside the surface treatment industry to constantly meet its needs and to remain at the forefront of delivering advanced and practical solutions. 

ARGAL centrifugal pump ranges are available in two configurations depending on the pumped liquid and system structure:

πŸ‘‰ Horizontal centrifugal pumps [capacity: up to 90 m3/h | heading: up to 8m | For all kinds of liquid]

The FRONTIERA range consists of process pumps available in mechanical or magnetic versions, with support or close-coupled for more difficult and continuous operations, and with a max flow of 90 m3/h. This model complies to ISO 2858 standards, and is therefore able to be installed within ISO 2858 regulated plants and systems.

The ROUTE range is our classic model, born back then for the galvanic industries and still in service these days. With a sturdy construction and flow up to 45 m3/h, it is ideal for many continuous or discountinuous service operations, with several starts in the same day or over several months. 

πŸ‘‰ Vertical centrifugal pumps - [capacity: up to 275 m3/h | heading: up to 8m | for aggressive liquids, which often develop toxic gases and vapors]

ARGAL vertical solutions are particularly suitable to handle acids, acid residues and acid charged waters, guaranteeing reliable operations and limiting the risk of contamination: the pump is immersed in the liquid, which avoids any risk of leaks.

K2 KGK is our vertical pump range available in large sizes, with a PP or PVDF column up to 4m, it is perfect for scrubber units, fume abatement towers and storage tanks for moving waste liquids, but it can also be applied to pickling operations.

EQUIPRO is the more compact range, it is quite versatile and, in the HME version, able to be installed on a trolley for mobile operations. 


πŸ‘‰ Air-operated double diaphragm pumps [capacity: up to 715 l/min | heading: up to 8m]

ARGALAIR pneumatic pumps are an ideal choice for industries dealing with strong acids, they can handle shear-sensitive liquids with solids up to 13mm, high viscosity or abrasive liquids, and they are also self-priming and can run dry without damage, making them ideal for applications where a constract flow is required. One of ARGALAIR unique features is the 5-piece Air Distributor entirely made of plastic materials. It ensures more efficiency, with higher performance at a lower air consumption, and it also requires less maintenance than the competition!

ASTRAevo is available in many different materials and configurations, and the solid block machined and the solid block machined ASTRAsolid intervenes where extra-sturdiness is needed.

MISTRAL & MISTRALsolid are the big-size series dedicated to heavy-duty operations in harsh environments, they are available with a strong body in AISI316L or machined PE1000, depending on the liquid pumped and theenvironmental conditions of the operational area. 

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