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ARGEMINI | Special configuration for pumping 2 liquids simultaneously


Some application requires the use of AODD pumps with special configurations. ARGAL conceived different solutions to meet the market necessities.

One of these configurations is ARGemini, the double pumping AODD solution for processes which requires to move two products at the same time. This method is necessary for industries such as flexography, painting industry, paper and printing processes or even wastewater treatments.
ARGEMINI are ASTRAevo pump with doubled delivery and suction manifolds. The double pumping solution ARGEMINI is available in thermoplastic and metallic materials: PP reinforced with glass, PVDF reinforced with carbon, Aluminum and AISI 316l*.

Flow direction 
Our customer has chosen 38 ARGemini 1/2" and 1" models for being installed into tinting dispenser machines. Paint bases and colourants are transferred into one operation at a low flow rate.
*In this configuration, AISI 316l models 400 and 650 are not available. If you want to get more technical details about ARGEMINI, please contact us.