During the last years, our engineers worked on and designed a new range of double diaphragm pumps: QUANTUM range offers more than efficiency and reliability. These original double diaphragm pumps do provide high performance and great quality but with attractive prices and sustainable approach permitting to clients to reduce air consumption.

Our new AODD pumps are realised from a solid-block construction of pure thermoplastic polymer material - PTFE. The main characteristics are similar to our ASTRAevo range - safety, run-dry, shear sensitive, dead-head, variable flow, variable discharge pressure, resistance to a wide variety of fluids, easy installation, easy maintenance and compliance with ATEX standards - but QUANTUM offer functional innovation, structural and constructive compactness.

They also ensure a more solid and precise execution when compared to what you can get from competitors' solid-block pumps. They are currently available in size 1/2", 1" and 1 1/2".

Capacity: up to 450 l/min
Heading: up to 70 m 
Wetted parts: PTFE


QUANTUM pumps are available in solid-block PTFE, which is a superior thermoplastic polymer offering to pumps high mechanical strength and high chemical resistance. PTFE material makes QUANTUM pumps ideal for handling the hardest liquids (nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide,...)

ATEX Zone 2  Standards (Serie II 3/3GD IIB T4) 

Quantum AODD pumps are suitable to operate in explosive atmospheres classified Zone 2 (Series II 3/3 GD IIB T4). For applications classified Zone 1 (Series II 2/2 GD IIB T4), we manufacture pumps made of conductive parts for all versions. 



The construction of QUANTUM pumps also included free-fastening diaphragms. This allows an easy maintenance, more safety when pumping aggressive liquids and reduced air consumption. 


It is possible to disassemble the valves for maintenance without disassembling the entire pump already installed on the plant. 


AODD pumps are usually suffering from ice formation in the distribution system. Our engineers propose an additional gasket located nearby the distribution system for moving the exhausted air, at low temperature, towards the discharge chamber. Thanks to this gasket, QUANTUM pumps are not sensible to humidity in the air so there is no influence on the efficiency. 


A new simple, compact and highly efficient air distribution system was conceived. It is equipped with an air capacity regulator - without interfering with the pressure used in the control units. Thanks to the quick discharge valve, a considerable air consumption reduction is noted (up to -30%), which also permit to avoid ice formation inside the distribution system. QUANTUM pumps can, therefore, operate in any work condition. 


QUANTUM's DDQ 1" and DDQ 1 1/2" models are equipped with internal pipes to totally remove the liquid from the pump: an efficient and accurate solution for improving the operative and functional characteristics of the pump.

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