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ARGAL & EVERMATE: a master partnership for South Korea


ARGAL is known for its innovative and advanced solutions against corrosion issues. Over the last years, a few niche products were launched for specific applications. The main mission is to ensure high-quality construction and highly reliable performance, which makes the Company a unique position in the marketplace. 

On the other side of the globe, EVERMATE, our official South Korean partner, perfectly reflects the reality of the land of morning calm: a technologically and digitally advanced company looking for innovation and reliability. EVERMATE constantly expands and responds to specific market needs providing the best technology for different industrial fields.  

Despite the challenging global sanitary situation, it hasn’t stopped ARGAL and EVERMATE from meeting and developing a strategic partnership for the South Korean market. Both of us complete one another to offer superior solutions and give accurate assistance to customers. The crossing point between our shared business values is to provide high-quality and highly efficient products for sectors, requiring safe and reliable systems. Our partnership is like the dragon that rises from a small stream, which announces great success together.

🌐 www.evermate.co.kr 
📧 wstak@evermate.co.kr 
📞 +82 10 5851 6230