EQUIPRO pumps are made of thermoplastic techno polymers and are close-coupled with the hydraulic suction pipe downward and the tangential outlet pipe on the upper side of the base plate. 
2 versions are available with different column length: HME (275 mm and 450 mm) and KME (from 600 mm to 1500 mm)

               HME                       KME 

Capacity: up to 50m3/h 
Construction: close coupled
Motor powers: kW0,25 ÷ 7,5 (HME) and kW0,55 ÷ 11 (KME)
Submerged parts: PP or PVDF


Argal team conceived, for this range of vertical pumps, a simple construction to reduce the maintenance necessities. The composition of Equipro pumps is innovative as the electric motor can be installed without dismantling the pump casing:

     1. Normalised electric motor (IEC, NEMA) 

     2. Rigid coupling

     3. Base plate

     4. Pump casing made of PP or PVDF


EQUIPRO were designed for pumping aggressive liquids in applications with fixed installation and casing submerged in tanks, basins or even collecting wells as well as in applications with installation out of the liquid container (in this case, a second unloading connection between the pump and the container is necessary). Electric motors are available in 3 different powers according to the pumped liquid: 

  •  "N" standard -  1,1 

  • "P" upgraded - 1,35

  • "S" super upgraded - 1,8

Assembling EQUIPRO (KME model) with motor

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