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Ex-proof FRP pumps for electrochlorination plant in Norway

Two particular SATURNevo FRP fiberglass pumps are ready to fly to Norway for being installed into an evolved and specific offshore oil platform. Based in the Barents Sea, it is considered the most advanced undersea structure compared to other platforms of the kind. 

Why special? Our customer has chosen two mech-sealed close-coupled centrifugal FRP fiberglass pumps made of the V1X resin version for fitting ATEX/Ex-proof zones. The mechanical seal is double flushed and complies with API PLAN 53.
For this application, the SATURNevo (ZMS 1,5x1x8) will operate as dosing pumps for a corrosive agent.


An oil-offloading terminal platform offshore, precisely in the electrochlorination plant for the generation of sodium hypochlorite


Seawater containing NaOCl (up to 1000 mg/l) at 22°C with capacities of 15m3/h and heading 55m.