ASTRAsolid (DDS)

ARGAL extends its AODD line with a new range: ASTRAsolid

ASTRAsolid (DDS) pumps share the same constructive and performing advantages as ASTRAevo pumps: a fast pneumatic exchanger, increased unloading systems for performance optimisation (without interfering on air consumption) and an optimised internal design for viscous and loaded liquids. They are made of UHMW-PE solid-block and available in size 1/2" - 1" - 1 1/2" - 2". 

Why offering UHMW-PE solutions? ASTRAsolid pumps are not substituting but completing our current ranges. Thanks to the Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene made from solid-block, ASTRAsolid pumps ensure a very high abrasion and corrosive resistance. They can operate continuously into in- or outdoor applications (with low temperature) and into explosive atmospheres (Ex-proof Zone 2).

DDS 30 with plastic center block    DDS 650 with metal center block

ATEX standard  

All metallic and thermoplastic standard executions are adequate to operate in explosive atmospheres classified Zone 2 (Serie II 3/3 IIB T4).

ASTRAsolid overview 



Standard connections 

Various connections available upon request


ASTRAsolid pumps are ideal for specific operations of transfer abrasive, corrosive and loaded liquids used in the waste recovery processes, ceramic industry, metal and mineral treatments, in the seawater applications and water treatments. 

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