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The demand for high-quality and reliable batteries is increasing as the electric vehicle market continues to soar, and with Europe's fuel engines set to be decommissioned in 2035, the battery production industry is expected to become one of the most promising sectors in the years to come.

But of course this great opportunity comes at a price: battery manufacturing can be complex and time-consuming due to the use of strong acids that are critical to the electrochemical reaction that takes place. Handling these dangerous liquids improperly can cause massive issues to the plant, to the operators and to the environment.

This is where ARGAL pumps come in, with almost 50 years of experience in handling corrosive liquids like sulphuric acid, we have conceived and designed thermoplastic pumps to handle such dangerous liquids with efficiency and total safety.


processes to which our pumps can apply 

Liquids & operations

Transfer Sulphuric Acid 98% FRONTIERA TMF Centrifugal, Horizontal, Magnetic-Drive ECTFE-c
Transfer Concentrated Sulphuric Acid ROUTE ZMR Centrifugal, Horizontal, Mech-sealed PP+g
Transfer Concentrated Sulphuric Acid ROUTE TMR Centrifugal, Horizontal, Magnetic-Drive PP+g
Loading/Unloading Acid-charged waters KGK K2 Centrifugal, Vertical PP+g
Recover Acid-charged waters EQUIPRO KME Centrifugal, Vertical PP+g
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Our solutions

ARGAL centrifugal pump ranges are available in two configurations depending on the pumped liquid and system structure:

๐Ÿ‘‰ Horizontal centrifugal pumps [capacity: up to 90 m3/h | heading: up to 8m | For all kinds of liquid]

The FRONTIERA range consists of ISO 2858 standard process pumps, available in mechanical or magnetic versions, with support or close-coupled for more difficult and continuous applications. Reinforced armor upon request. 

โ€จThe ROUTE range is ideal for continuous or discontinuous service operations (with several starts in the same day or over several months), with installation on units or systems and for services up to 45 m3/h, for any type of liquid. In the configurations without the front metal plaque the pump is 100% metal-free. 

๐Ÿ‘‰ Vertical centrifugal pumps - [capacity: up to 275 m3/h | heading: up to 8m | for aggressive liquids, which often develop toxic gases and vapors]

ARGAL vertical solutions are particularly suitable for the handling of acids, acid residues and acid charged waters, guaranteeing reliable operations and limiting the risk of contamination: the pump is immersed in the liquid, which avoids any risk of leaks.โ€จ

K2 KGK and EQUIPRO vertical pumps can be installed on scrubber units, fume abatement towers, and storage tanks for moving waste liquids.


๐Ÿ‘‰ Air-operated double diaphragm pumps [capacity: up to 715 l/min | heading: up to 8m]

ARGALAIR pneumatic pumps are an ideal choice for industries dealing with strong acids, such as the battery production industry.  They can handle shear-sensitive liquids with solids up to 13mm, high viscosity or abrasive liquids. ARGALAIR pneumatic pumps are also self-priming and able to run dry, ensuring reliable and continuous operation. 

ASTRAevo and ASTRAsolid, like ROUTE, are ranges available in 100% metal-free configurations.

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