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Another big aquarium powered by ARGAL PUMPS


Over the last decade, ARGAL has gained legacy in the aquatic sector. As non-metallic pump manufacturer, the Company has always sought for the best corrosion-free solutions to offer on the market. Since 2012, the presence of ARGAL in the marine market has been more and more important thanks to the pumps’ reliability and efficiency to face the issues caused by corrosion and the necessity to maintain a perfect ecosystem balance.

Today, ARGAL shines like a star in the marine industry thanks to team who constantly studies to improve at the best the pumps with the latest technology and to guarantee a corrosion-free world.
To power aquarium, fish farms, pools in resort and theme parks, the LSS equipment – pumps included - must be corrosion-resistant, accurately efficient and reliable because the marine ecosystem depends on the operating machineries. Indeed, to recreate the natural habitat of the species is necessary to provide health and well-being. The operations behind the pools are the heart of the aquarium that requires specific chemical dosing, constant water flow rate and water temperature, filtration to avoid any bacteria diffusion, food supplying, …

ARGAL (FRP) fiberglass pumps, SATURNevo, ensure all these needs thanks to the material used, the advanced construction and the many possibilities to customise the solutions to make it fit like a fine suit.

One of the peculiarities that make FRP pumps ideal for operating in marine atmospheres is the refractory material, inherent to corrosion or salt and temperature variability. SATURNevo pumps won’t emit any harmful residue into the liquid neither be subjected to hammerheads  – which is the case of metallic pumps and thus requires more maintenance operations.  Also, the fiberglass FRP material is a natural insulator and does not conduct heat or cold, it does not expand or contract.

Plus, SATURNevo pumps boast benefits from high performance to excellent reliability and long life cycle, as well as back pull-out execution to guarantee short stopping times and impellers reinforced with carbon fiber to offer the highest reliability and efficiency.

Partly for these reasons, ARGAL was chosen as the official supplier of more than 350 FRP (fiberglass) pumps for the biggest theme park in the world. It will host an advanced aquatic life structure, including the world biggest aquarium, mega attractions and close-up experience with animals, research center, rescue and rehabilitation center for the care and conservation of local marine species. The park will open its doors in 2022 and now ARGAL is manufacturing the FRP (fiberglass) centrifugal pumps necessary to the entire LSS equipment for the most advanced aquarium. The Company’s reliability (5 years guarantee) and latest technology (over 80% of efficiency gained) is now globally recognized in the marine sector, thanks to the supply of the biggest aquarium in the world over the last decade.

See some of the latest aquarium powered by ARGAL PUMPS around the world: 

SATURNevo pumps installed at CENTRAL PHUKET - AQUARIA (Phuket, Thailand) 

SATURNevo pumps installed at ATLANTIS - SANYA LUXURY RESORT (Haitang Bay, China) 


SATURNevo pumps installed at JAKARTA TAMAN IMPIAN JAYA ANCOL - ATLANTIS (Indonesia) 

SATURNevo pump installed at S.E.A AQUARIUM, SENTOSA ISLAND (Singapore)