MISTRAL range represents the safest and most efficient solution for heavy dangerous and even explosive applications but also for process applications. The entire construction of the body pumps and of the distributor is realised in AISI 316 L (low carbon content) making the pumps extremely resistant to corrosion, robust and perfect for continuous operation. 

Capacity: up to 1280 l/min 
Connections: 3" 4" 
Wetted parts: AISI 316L, Duplex, Bronze, UHMW-PE

ATEX standards 

3" and 4" MISTRAL pumps can operate in Zone 1 (Serie II -/2 GD IIB T4).


MISTRAL are ideal for heavy applications and process ones on Off-shore platforms for load/unload and for transferring sea water, brine, etc... They can also be employed for cement mixer sewage cleaning, loading and unloading. 

Valuable advantages: 

The distribution system offers very significant advantages: 

  • simple and maintenance free 5-component construction

  • the material of construction resistant to wear and chemicals for a longer lifetime without damage

  • affordable cost

  • high-shift speed and high-discharge speed of the exhaust air

  • low consumption as consequence of the fine-tuned air quantity supplied to the diaphragm.

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