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10 ASTRAevo AODD pumps for European waste water treatments


The ASTRAevo range was chosen for operations within wastewater treatment plants in Europe. Our customer asked for an accurate solution to meter two corrosive liquids: citric acid solution 50% and sodium hypochlorite, both at 45°C.


Our solutions?

10 ASTRAevo "DDE 30" pumps made of thermoplastic materials for dosing operations with accessories to regularise the flow which reduce hammerheads and noise level: pulsation dampeners and anti-vibration feet. Moreover,  which give high performance for a long-term cycle.
To transfer the citric acid solution 50%,  8 out of the 10 "DDE 30" pumps ordered are made of Polypropylene + glass, which is ideal for the pumping of acids, with capacities of 30 l/min and heading up to 71m. These 8 pumps are equipped with the pulsation dampeners "PDA" also made of Polypropylene + GLASS.
For the pumping of sodium hypochlorite, 2 "DDE 30" pumps were made of PVDF filled with carbon fiber, which is indicated for the transport of corrosive and highly abrasive liquids.
ARGAL'S ASTRAevo pumps are giving a lot of advantages on short and long-term operations, starting from the air consumption: the ASTRAevo DDE 30 pumps are using only 100 Nl/min of air consumption instead of the 400 Nl/min air consumption of the former ASTRA 50-30 pumps. This is a premium advantage from an environmental as well as from an economic point of view.
Plus, ARGAL chooses the best materials of the Italian territory to give high-quality and high-reliability of our solutions: our best-in-class TFM (Modified PTFE) diaphragms ensure low maintenance costs and an extended cycle of life compared to standard PTFE diaphragms. 
ARGAL offers a series of accessories to customise the pumps according to the requirements of our customers.