Main pumped products


Working principle 

1 | Stopping phase
A small quantity of liquid is trapped into the pump to enable the next starting 

2 | Priming Phase
the impeller gives an accurate circulation of air + liquid mix moving air from the suction pipe to the discharge side in the atmosphere. 

3 | Pumping phase
After the air is removed from the suction side, the tube is flooded by the liquid, and the pumping phase can start.


RHINO self-priming pumps are ideal for negative suction lift operations from a basement tank to a truck or surface tank, for unloading and transferring waste collection wells, and for other processes using heavy liquids like:

  • Chemical industry 

  • Power plants

  • Pulp and paper 

Request info

  • Magnetic-driven technology 

  • Unique ARGAL solution: impeller allowing to prime both high-density and high-vapor-pressure liquids

  • Start-up with empty pipes 

  • Capacities up to 17m3/h 

  • Very fast priming time 

  • Extended lift capacity (up to -6m)

  • Highly corrosive-resistant materials: PP and E-TFE 

  • Upon request:  ATEX Zone 2 (II 3G Ex h IIB T4 Gb X)

  • 3 motor executions available according to the liquid specific gravity: "N" standard - 1,1 ; "P" powered - 1,35 ; "S" superpowered - 1,8