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Il Sole 24 Ore | The Industry of Brescia stands atop the European podium

The Italian economic journal Il Sole 24 Ore recently published an article dedicated to the biggest Industrial cities of Europe, from which, 8 of the 20 first are Italian. 
We are pleased to know that "the Industry of Brescia stands atop the podium", at the third place with an added value of 10 896 million euros. 
After the two first cities from Germany and specialised in automotive (Boblingen for SMART and Ingolstadt for AUDI), comes Brescia. Our rich industrial region is known since the Middle Ages and confirmed by the famous Leonardo Da Vinci, who has described the area as "the Iron Valley" where the production of tools was already successful at the time. 
This tradition of the metal finishing is more newsworthy than ever, with more than 100 thousands of industries. Argal is very proud to contribute to this growing on the European and Worldwide level.

Source: ORLANDO, Luca "L'industria di Brescia sul podio europeo", Il Sole 24 Ore. 16.09.18. p2.