ROUTE centrifugal pumps are made of high-quality thermoplastic polymers. They are available in magnetic and mechanical versions, with the same external dimensions - which is a unique feature offered by ARGAL that eases the pump installation and interchangeability. 

The choice of construction depends mainly on the quantity and quality of the fluids being pumped:

  • ZMR: the mechanical seal allows the pumping of a wide range of chemical liquids containing impurities or abrasive solid particles.

  • TMR: the magnetic version allows prolonged dry running without failures so that the problem of frontal friction is eliminated while maintaining radial rotation friction.

In addition, the pump-motor coupling is carried out without having to dismantle the pump body.

Technical data

TMR: magnetically driven version


ZMR: mechanical sealed version


  • Water and wastewater treatments 

  • Surface treatments

  • Pharmaceutical and chemical processes

  • Lithium battery storage

  • Semiconductors

  • Photovoltaic

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ROUTE (TMR | ZMR) products