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"We believe in Italy as a country that preserves its Beauty and traditions, a country that believes in Responsibility and Collaboration. We believe in a country that is aware that real success only exists if shared, that recognises the importance of the relationship between customers and suppliers. We believe in a country that is aware that we are all part of a web, and we all depend on one another. And this is why #Idopaymysuppliers."
ARGAL is part of #iopagoifornitori initiative with a true ethical value because we feel responsible for the continuity of our businesses, to give clear and transparent information on the payment modality and deadlines. It is only helping one another that we can be stronger together, especially during these challenging times -  Since March 2020, we have always paid our suppliers and will continue to do so because we all are in the same situation, and we need to stay united #goargalgo