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ISO 2858 centrifugal pumps chosen for pumping cleaning solution with nitric acid


Our official distributor in South Africa, SG PLASTICS has shared a perfect installation example of four FRONTIERA TMF pumps made of E-CTFE

ARGAL's centrifugal process range FRONTIERA was conceived for heavy applications ensuring the highest chemical resistance to the most aggressive liquids. Indeed, they are often chosen for scrubber operations. In this case, the four pumps have a monobloc magnetic-driven construction "TMF" with Ex-proof motor and are made of ECTFE with an SS316 external armour, ideal for dangerous atmosphere (ATEX). The FRONTIERA "TMF" will transfer nitric acid solution to clean wet ammonia gas at 70°C and turns the liquid into usable ammonia nitrate effluent stream. Ammonia nitrate and nitric acid are known for being explosible and therefore needs to be handled with care. ARGAL pumps give you reliability and long-term efficiency within an explosible site.