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SATURNevo, ROUTE and KGK pumps chosen for an electrochlorination plant

A client has chosen ARGAL's quality and reliability for equipping an electrochlorination plant of efficient and ideal pumps for the pumping of corrosive liquids. Our technical team is realised the 11 required pumps to execute various operations inside the plant to treat seawater. 
Our chosen solutions are: 
  • 8 long-coupled mech-sealed centrifugal pumps made of FRP V1G SATURNevo ZGS
  • 2 close-coupled mag-driven centrifugal pumps made of PP reinforced with fiberglass - ROUTE TMR 
  • 1 centrifugal sump pump with a closed impeller made of PP reinforced with fiberglass - KGK


The FRP SATURNevo ZGS models will operate as: 
- 3 booster pumps for pumping seawater (20m3/h)
- 2 continuous dosing pumps for pumping sodium hypochlorite (30m3/h) 
- 2 shock dosing pumps for sodium hypochlorite as well (74m3/h) 

The TMR models will be installed as acid cleaning pumps for hydrochloric acid 6% (15m3/h) whereas the vertical sump pump KGK will drain wastewater and HCl.  

Argal Company is one of the world leading producer of FRP pumps, ideal solutions for any application related to seawater and corrosive liquids. Read our article on Argal's seawater pumps to know more about the Saturn Evo series