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Close-coupled FRP pumps for ozone skid system


We have supplied 7 close-coupled FRP pumps from SATURNevo series to be installed on ozone skid equipment made by our partner, MAT Filtration Technology

These systems are the most efficient method to blend ozone gas with water for aquaculture, swimming pools, drinking water, and more: water is processed with ozone disinfection concentration for a determined lapse of time to have a balanced mix and to achieve oxidation in water. Such efficient and advanced technology requires high-efficient pumps to be 100% optimal. Each skid is equipped with a ZMS ARGAL FRP pump as an onboard booster pump. The transferred liquid is seawater at 20°C. 

Where these skids are installed?

Every industry uses water and treated water. 

  • Water treatment

  • Aquaculture

  • Swimming pools

  • Wastewater treatment 

  • And more…

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