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SATURNevo Fiberglass FRP centrifugal pumps for wastewater treatments processes


Another great order from Middle-East for 4 ANSI/ASME centrifugal long-coupled fiberglass FRP pumps. 

The SATURNevo ANSI/ASME fiberglass FRP pumps can operate for common use and for seawater applications: as an alternative for metallic pumps, they ideally operate in water treatment applications, seawater aquarium, depuration of municipal and industrial wastewaters, as well as in general productive processes deploying chemical fluids.

Our fiberglass range Saturn Evo is a sought-after solution amongst the seawater and wastewater treatments and corrosive applications thanks to the resin of construction available in 5 versions according to the pumped liquid. 

This time, the SATURNevo pumps are made of V1G resin for general use. But for which application? 


The 4 of them will be installed in a wastewater treatments process as transfer pumps for transporting cleaning solutions at 190 m3/h for 2 of the pumps and at 150m3/h for the other 2 ones


The cleaning solutions are made of sodium hydroxide 0,35%, hydrogen chloride 2% and sodium chloride 0,1%

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