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MISTRAL 3" AODD pump and PDZ pulsation dampener made of UHMW-PE


Our customer has selected the best solution to solve the problem of abrasion and viscosity choosing the big size AODD 3" pump equipped with its dampener, both made of PE1000. 

This exclusive and unique pump, entirely made of solid-block UHMW-PE, offers strong resistance and unmatchable efficiency which assures reliable long-term operations. Indeed, the material chosen offers higher chemical resistance than PTFE and is highly recommended for abrasive and wear applications
MISTRAL pumps are ideal for heavy and process applications where operations require loading/unloading or transferring aggressive agents which present abrasive and viscous properties. 


Installed in a metal treatment and coating plant for the realization of pans and trays, the pump transfers a stripping agent from one trunk to another - the lubricant is directly applied on top of the wax treatment and turns into a film that protects the finished product from the wax. 


The viscous lubricant is used as a protective film to avoid any damage to the treated product.