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But what does mag-drive mean? Mag-driven pumps do not need mechanical seal as the engine power is transmitted to the impeller thanks to magnetic coupling.

They have several advantages that make them an excellent solution for our customers: 

- The pump is customisable according to the specific needs regarding the pumped liquid or the atmosphere where the pump operates. 

- The "encapsulation" design of our mag-drive pumps was made to avoid fluid loss without employing any mechanical seal and thus ensure a safe transfer of toxic, malodorous or even harmful liquids (such as acids, alkalis or salted solutions) reducing to 0 the risk of polluting the environment. 

- Last but not least, ARGAL's mag-drive pumps do not require maintenance. 

In ARGAL, we know that quality and efficiency are also in the details. We can guarantee the high-quality of our products thanks to the materials of construction accurately chosen, and the high-efficiency of the motors which improve the performances and drastically reduces the energy consumption. 
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