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DDE 007: the super COMPACT 1/4" AODD pump


A new small model has joined the ARGALAIR pumps family: DDE 007.
It is compact, it is flexible, and totally reliable for years. Made for OEMs requirements, it has been conceived to fit any system and to pump the most variety of liquids. 


What to remember about it? 

  • 1/4" size 

  • up to 9l/min 

  • many configurations possible (component materials, connections, accessories...)

  • made of fantastic plastics: PP+glass, PVDF+carbon or POMc+glass

  • chemical resistance: fluoropolymer version to avoid any corrosion issue, PP+glass or POMc+glass version for cost-effective and general chemical compatibility 

  • integrated and super silent muffler 

  • diaphragms available in different materials

  • easy and quick maintenance (when needed...)

  • non-stalling, ice-free, and lube-free for reliable and safe operations 

Where can it be installed? 

The super-compact ARGALAIR pumps are mainly installed where it is necessary to transfer, load/unload chemicals, anti-freezing liquids, detergents, inks, paintings, colorants, oils, or water. These liquids are used in the following sectors: 

  • Ceramic industry

  • Chemical processes

  • Flexographic industry 

  • Mining industry 

  • Automotive 

  • ...

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