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ARGAL sump pumps solution is your warranty for decades


ARGAL started more than 40-year ago producing sump centrifugal pumps and still offers solutions that last for decades. Our secret is to always look for innovative and unique solutions with the highest quality of materials. Over the many years of its history, ARGAL pumps fully satisfied its customers with reliable products that operated in total safety for decades. 


The three series  - EQUIPRO, KGK and SATURNsump - cover a wide range of applications thanks to their different and unique features, the many configurations available, and accessories to fit the requirements at the best.

EQUIPRO series is very unique, thanks to its construction, efficiency, and reliability over the years. A few years ago, a steel wire producer has opened 3 new pickling process units. These plants are made with an innovative and eco-friendly design: the wire surface is treated with strong acids but without releasing any toxic fume - requiring high-efficient and reliable pumping solutions. EQUIPRO pumps were the best solution as they are designed for pumping aggressive liquids in applications with fixed installation and casing submerged in tanks, basins, or even collecting wells as well as in applications with installation out of the liquid container - this installation requires a second unloading connection between the pump and the container is necessary.  

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SATURNsump is mainly chosen for wastewater treatment where highly corrosive and toxic particles are contained in the waste. For example, one of our customers has chosen a KGS sump pump for a special application requiring high-pressure liquid transfer and solid filtration. Thanks to FRP accessories available - in this case, hydrocyclone, inlet strainer as pump extension, and the external bearing - the pump was fully complying with the customer’s needs.

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KGK series is made of materials extremely resistant to corrosive agents. The pumps operate with acid solutions, hydroxides, salts with different concentrations, strong acid mixes, galvanic baths, chlorinated liquids, alcohols, emulsions,  sea, and thermal water, from pools, tanks, and wells. The liquid maximum temperature accepted is 90°c. 

  • Wastewater and water treatments 

  • Electrochlorination 

  • Fume scrubber

  • Cooling towers 

  • Metal treatments (stripping, galvanic baths)

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“Congratulations on the quality of your products. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that the pump had been running for more than 20 years. The pump was installed on a galvanic process, nearby a containment tank, as a safety pump. It was operating discontinuously at 40°c to pump chromic solution. A great success for us, thanks to you!”  – Moreno Ghiaroni, General Manager at Galvanica Nobili

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