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ROUTE mag-driven pump for hydrochloric acid

One of the world's largest shipbuilding companies has chosen ARGAL pumps for its reliability and performance.
See below a picture of the best right hand(ling) pump from ROUTE series installed as unloading pump for a highly corrosive acid.
ROUTE series is one of the first range in Argal history. 20 years to its invention, the legacy of ROUTE pumps has reached the world. This series of thermoplastic pumps is available in mag-driven setting or mech-sealed version for pumping various chemical liquids even if laden with impurities and suspended solids. Mainly by the quantity and quality of these, you can choose the setting that better suits you. A patented system for dry running without damage is available for the mag-driven version. 

The mag-driven ROUTE pump is installed in an HCl plant (hydrochloric acid) - a part of the desalination plant - where it operates as HCl unloading pump from the collection tank to the storage tank.
TMR pump could also operate as an unloading pump for the cleaning solution from the storage tank to the electrolysis phase for the removal of residues.
HCl - hydrochloric acid, a corrosive agent which requires a mag-drive version made of highly corrosion-resistant materials.