The sump pump series SATURNsump is born from SATURNevo series, entirely made of vinylester reinforced with fiberglass for offering a high-quality solution mergeable in the heaviest liquids. The high resistance to corrosion and unique robustness allows operations in ambient temperature from -35°C to +40°C with no issues of expansion, retraction, or reduced mechanical strength. The column length reaches up to 5m. 

  • Capacities up to 900m3/h

  • Column up to 5m length 

  • Excellent mechanical strength and chemical resistance

  • Vynilester resin reinforced with fiberglass is free from liquid aggression (corrosion) and therefore does not release particles and substances that can alter the liquid

  • Performance efficiency superior to 80% guaranteeing high-quality consistent over time 

  • Components are made of FRP (column, support, aspiring piping tube)

  • Screws are available in AISI 316 or FRP

  • Impeller made of FRP reinforced with carbon fiber for more strength (cavitation issues are reduced at minimum)

  • ​5 different resin mixes to adapt the pump to the various liquid pumped (chlorine, fluoride,...) 

  • ATEX Zone 2 (Serie II 3/3 IIB T4) conformity 

  • Different mechanical seals available 

  • External, single or double flushing 

  • FRP accessories to empower or adapt the pump to any plant

  • Flanges reinforced in Kevlar (more resistant) 


  • Aquarium, zoos, aquatic parks 

  • Aquaculture

  • Desalination

  • Seawater processes

  • Chemical processes

  • Power plant

  • Metal treatments

  • Oil & gas 

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Mineral industry

  • Water and wastewater treatments


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