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This system created by ARGAL offers complete safety and flash intervention in the case of a diaphragm leakage. 
Officially launched during the 2018 ACHEMA show (Frankfurt, Germany), the Diaphragm Leakage System is the latest innovation created by ARGAL: ARGARD was conceived for the Company's AODD pumps, from which the QUANTUM series, MISTRAL, and ASTRAevo. Indeed, the Company President Omar Gabrieli confirms that "the system has been applied on the latest range launched, ASTRAevo, during the conception phase". As the AODD specialist of ARGAL, Luigi Mariotti explains, thinking this system has been complex.


ARGARD is made of 2 components: the first and primary one is composed of a vacuum generator based on the Venturi principle and a status meter gauge; the second is a control unit. The status meter gauge is a device used to automatically control the pump functioning in the vacuum phase to maintain the prefixed value based on atmospheric pressure. The second element determines the intervention mode. In a few words: the pneumatic circuit is composed of logical elements (like the electronic circuits) and determines the system's intervention: it intervenes when a lower or higher value is detected. It is an important feature which was carefully studied, then created.


The main part of the AODD pumps available on the market is not equipped with an innovative system like ARGARD, which can create issues. The very first of all issues is detecting the diaphragm leakage once the liquid has overcome the diaphragm and reaching the air supply connection. After which it can reach the devices related to this connection. A diaphragm leakage can, therefore, create damages to the pump, the plant, the atmosphere and especially to the operators. Damages are major if the liquid is aggressive. Detecting the diaphragm leakage is really important to first stop the pump and in the meantime inform the operator.
The Diaphragm Leakage Detector is made of a vacuum generator created by ARGAL and a control unit. The generator is linked between the PTFE diaphragm and the backup one, creating a vacuum space and controlling it. If one of the two diaphragms breaks, the vacuum level decreases very quickly and in less than a minute, the control unit detects the decreasing speed and intervenes by stopping the pump. This system only works if the pump is set with coupled diaphragms (the PTFE one along with the backup one) and with any liquid.


ARGARD system can detect the smallest holes as per example a needle hole - intervening before that the liquid reaches the backup diaphragm and thus the supplying line." affirms Luigi Mariotti.


ARGARD was conceived with a pneumatic system, unlike other similar systems conceived as electronic devices. This represents a considerable advantage, especially if operating within ATEX atmospheres Zone 1 and Zone 2 - where the use of electronic devices is not safe. Luigi Mariotti concludes that "The Company philosophy is to create pneumatic accessories and devices, independently from the applications, giving always the best to our client". Since the very beginning, one of ARGAL's strongest points is to invest in Research and Development to offer advanced technologies. Indeed, our Engineering team is already conceiving the next generation of leakage detection systems.


ARGARD was also conceived for guaranteeing the safety of the operators and devices. Thanks to the very fast intervention, ARGARD ensures the protection of the plant and of the environment and saving on hazardous liquids' protection. In the case of diaphragm leakage, the pump stops and an alarm rings. This signal is set to be pneumatic but it can be set as electronic (on request). ARGARD does not require maintenance.


The new advanced series "ASTRAevo AODD pumps" benefits from our ASTRA AODD range but with improvements that make the difference in the pneumatic AODD world. This newest project was thought and designed with the use of the very last technologies to guarantee major reliability, such as improved lifecycle and diaphragms, minimized maintenance operations and superior quality.
All metallic and thermoplastic standard executions are adequate to operate in explosive atmospheres classified Zone 2 (Serie II 3/3 IIB T4). For operations in areas classified as Zone 1 (Serie II 2/2 GD IIB T4), we offer pumps made of conductive parts for all thermoplastic and metallic versions.
ASTRAevo pumps are available in AISI 316L, Aluminum, Polypropylene+glass or PVDF+carbon. All the models have high chemical resistance thanks to the reinforced polymers. The FDA version is ideal for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. 

Maria Mereu Bonaria & Marco Marangoni "Rivelatore di rottura membrana" CMI. March 2019. P44