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This optimised-shape AODD pump was designed by ARGALAIR team. Made of pure materials (PTFE), Quantum pump can be defined as a 100% green solution from its realisation to its installation into plants.

Quantum pump is an environmental safeguard thanks to its construction made of pure materials, thus entirely recyclable and guaranteeing no toxicity at all. Our engineers studied and conceived a new design for this series of pumps to make it smarter and more innovative.  Discover the originality of the double diaphragm and valves, the additional gasket and other new technologies on the Quantum page

Thanks to its optimised shape, to produce a Quantum pump means to use less material and to eliminate some component subjected to weakening such as manifolds.

To use a Quantum pump means to reduce your energy consumption and to optimise its performance inside your plant. Indeed, our engineers study it carefully to obtain a double advantage by improving the fluid dynamics and by reducing energy consumption and fluid loss, which is why they designed a smart pad to regulate the flow as you wish.

To maintain it will be only advantageous: there is no need to dismantle the pump, and the easy-maintenance increases its life cycle depending on the applications. Its reverse construction ensures an optimisation of the diaphragms and the pump performance - as they aren't paired with the shaft, membranes won’t suffer from damages, eliminating the need of maintenance and improving the pump efficiency.

Quantum pumps share all the AODD characteristics and therefore go in almost every field of applications for pumping a wide selection of fluids.