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Why ARGAL FRP pumps are the best alternative to metallic pumps?


Other SATURNevo FRP pumps chosen for the transferring of corrosive and toxic agents.
A depuration plant will be powered by 2 close-coupled FRP centrifugal pumps made of the special resin V1C for chloride chemical. The SATURNevo ZMS pumps will operate at 10 m3/h and heading 60m for the circulation of treated water at 38°C. The water pumped contains chloride and TSS negligible agents which creates a lot of corrosive issue within the plant.

Depuration (purification) processes are requiring reliable wastewater management to treat water from civil or industrial use and to remove any toxic chemicals that it contains. Water can be polluted with surfactants, percolates, metals, sulfates, chloride, oils, fats, organic agents and more. 
Our customer has chosen the ideal solution for ensuring high-performing and corrosive-resistant operations. The Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer resin is well-known for giving a high resistance to corrosion compared to metals or thermoplastic materials. This brings out other advantages such as a longer life cycle, less maintenance operation and thus, a lower cost on long-term use.



Why choosing ARGAL FRP solutions
instead of metallic pumps
for corrosive applications?

It is known that pumps and components made of metallic materials such as AISI 316L are subjected to corrosion in a glimpse of an eye. The components are weakened easily by corrosive issues, such as the impeller which is subjected to cavitation phenomenon (it consists in quick vaporisation followed by a rapid recondensation creating vapour bubbles which collapse drastically, which created high-pressure particles). This means to proceed to more and frequent maintenance operations (and thus extra costs).

Erosion is also an issue to be considered as it modifies the pump aspect, directly influencing on the performance and reliability. It also has an influence on the liquid pumped as erosion removes the surface of the material, transported by the liquid.
The weight is also a manner to consider as FRP material is very light compared to metals such as bronze or stainless steel. The more the rotating parts are heavy, the risk of growing vibrations is higher, and this can affects the shaft to motor bearings to mechanical seal to guide bushings…
This is why ARGAL's SATURNevo series is the best alternative to metallic pump in a corrosive atmosphere. To mention a few of our FRP pumps' benefits, SATURNevo solutions (as well as SATURNsump - SATURNsub - AIRSATURN) have high strength, lightweight and robustness, therefore a longer life cycle and lower maintenance…all these advantages give the best efficiency on the process and corrosive operations.