Pump World / Installations

Pump world / Installations


Saturn Evo Fiberglass centrifugal pumps for wastewater treatments processes

as transfer pumps for chemicals Read more


KGK and EQUIPRO sump pumps and ROUTE mech-sealed pumps installed in an Italian pickling plant

Performant, efficient and reliable after many years of work Read more


Saturn Evo fiberglass pumps and Route thermoplastic pumps for oil refinery

as transfer pumps for corrosive liquids Read more


Saturn Evo, Route and KGK pumps chosen for an electrochlorination plant

For petrol refining industry Read more


Saturn Evo pumps for electrochlorination process

An important client has chosen our fiberglass centrifugal long-coupled pumps Read more


Saturn Evo ZMS V1G for seawater and sodium hypochlorite

Installed in an electrochlorination plant Read more