The Food Industry consists of a vast number of processes starting from raw ingredients to packing transformed food for all kind of consumption. 

From the transformation to the realisation of these products, the plants - pumps included - must respect the sanitary standards to prevent from contaminations. 

Argal's ASTRAFOOD pumps are compliant with FDA and ATEX standards and therefore can run in food and beverages plants to pump sauces, doughs, patés, drinks and a lot more. 



Argal® products - ideal for operating in explosive atmospheres -  are marked ATEX and therefore are declared compliant with 2014/34/UE directive requirements.

ASTRAFOOD pumps are made of electro-polished stainless steel, the safest material for pumping food and sterile fluids. Our pumps are compliant with FDA standards and are ideal for pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries as well. 


Food & Beverages 

Food can be in the form of solid, viscous, doughy, totally liquid, corrosive, sensitive to the atmosphere, etc...Along the transformation process, they are subjected to changes that can create toxicity, fermentation or oxydation. 

Doughy / Spread Acid Viscous Sensitive

Yogurt - sauce - marmelade - paté - cream - cheese - dough

Fruits (ananas, nuts) - vegetables - cereals - meats (beef, tuna, pork) - milk - egg - drinks (coffee, beer, soda) - chocolate 

Oils - cold cream - honey

Milk - cheese - meat - egg