The food and beverage industry covers a wide variety of processes,  from processing raw ingredients to packaging food for all types of consumption.

 At every stage, the equipment - including pumps - in any industry must comply with government sanitary standards to prevent food contamination and expiration.

ARGAL® ASTRAFOOD pumps are FDA and ATEX certified and can therefore be used in food processing plants to pump sauces, pastes, pâtés, drinks and more.



ARGAL® products - ideal for operating in explosive atmospheres -  are ATEX compliant. Therefore, they meet  2014/34/UE directive requirements.

ASTRAFOOD pumps are made of electro-polished stainless steel, the safest material for pumping food and sterile fluids. Our pumps are compliant with FDA standards and are ideal for pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries as well. 


Food & Beverages 

Our food pumps are suitable for foods of different consistencies: solid, pasty, liquid, corrosive, environmentally sensitive. 

Doughy / Spread Acid Viscous Sensitive

Yogurt - sauce - jam - paté - cream - cheese - dough

Fruits (ananas, nuts) - vegetables - cereals - meat (beef, tuna, pork) - milk - egg - drinks (coffee, beer, soda) - chocolate 

Oil - cold cream - honey

Milk - cheese - meat - egg