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Verrtical pumps for wire pickling plants

A steel wire producer has opened 3 new pickling process units. These plants are made with an innovative and eco-friendly design: the wire surface is treated with strong acids but without releasing any toxic fume. Our vertical pumps EQUIPRO were chosen for their efficiency and reliability. 

Equipro were designed for pumping aggressive liquids in applications with fixed installation and casing submerged in tanks, basins or even collecting wells as well as in applications with installation out of the liquid container (in this case, a second unloading connection between the pump and the container is necessary).


16 KME pumps made of Polypropylene+Glass are installed in different phases of the site:
-  acid storage tank for transferring the liquids to the next process
-  surface cleaning (chemical degreasing) 
-  pickling tank where an electrolyte solution (hydrochloric acid and nitric acid) is used for cleaning the wires


In these surface treatments processes, corrosive liquids such as strong acids are used (hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid,...)