Polypropylene Equipro pump

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Chemically and mechanically resistant, this thermoplastic polymer is used for Equipro pump to transfer acids, alkalis, detergents or even solvents. Thanks to its properties and dimensional stability, polypropylene is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant as well as moderately abrasion-resistant. 


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  • Compact sump pumps 

  • HME version: cantilever shaft with column length: 274mm or 450mm 

  • KME version: bare-shaft with column length from 600 to 1500mm 

  • Up to 50m3/h 

  • PP or PVDF

  • Longer life cycle

  • Reduced maintenance operations and costs thanks to a unique construction by ARGAL 

  • Motor and baseplate removable easily without dismounting the pump body 

  • 3 motor execution according to the specific gravity of the pumped liquid: "N" standard - specific gravity 1,1 ; "P" powered - 1,35 ; "S" super-powered - 1,8