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TECHNOLOGY | Argard, the innovative diaphragm leakage sensor

Along with the new advanced AODD pump, ASTRAevo, our engineers conceived an innovative and important system that makes AODD pumps totally safe thanks to its intervention in a flash of lightning if a diaphragm would break.

#Working Principle 

ARGARD is made of a vacuum generator designed by Argal and a control unit.
The vacuum generator is connected to the gap located between the PTFE diaphragm and the backup diaphragm. This position allows the generator to create the gap, to monitor it by recreating it when lapsing (a natural phenomenon due to micro-leaks from the surface cracks of the seals. When the diaphragm breaks, this gap lapses quickly and in less than a minute, the control unit detects the lapsing speed and blocks the pump supply.


#To Remember

This system only works if the pump is configured with a double diaphragm.

 • Totally resistant to any liquid
 • Operates before the fluid reaches the pneumatic part of the pump
 • Reduced time of intervention (less than a minute)
 • Protects the environment, the plant, and the pump’s components
 • Increase the working environment safety
 • Savings on the dangerous fluids’ treatments’ protections
 • Plant simplified where the pump is installed
 • Completely automatic
 • Air-operated (no power supply needed)
 • Works with the compressed air that supplies the pump
 • ATEX Zone 2
 • Activation of a maintenance cycle for prevention

Example of Argal's ARGARD tested on ASTRAevo AODD pump during ACHEMA 2018.