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HIPPO mech-sealed self-priming pumps are ideal for pouring operations of non-viscous liquids, unloading chemical products from mobile tanks, and dragging clean liquids or liquids with suspended solids. These operations are common in the following markets: 

  • Water and wastewater treatments

  • Power plants

  • Chemical industry 

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  • Solid-block pump body 

  • Made of PP+glass - PVDF+carbon - U-PVC

  • Capacities up to 50m3/h

  • Simple construction

  • Open impeller type (ideal for liquids with solids)

  • High suction length (up to - 5m)

  • Various configurations available

  • 3 motor executions according to the specific gravity of the liquid: "N" standard - 1,1 ; "P" powered - 1,35 ; "S" superpowered - 1,8 

  • Accessories available: stainless steel base and trolley