SATURNsub for general purpose

Main pumped products


V1G | Standard vinyl ester resin

The ideal solution for pumping the majority of corrosive agents containing acids, alkalies, detergents, seawater, brine, etc. 

Thermosetting resins, unlike other thermoplastic materials, are no longer processable after catalysis processes, ensuring better mechanical strength, heat and dimensional stability, as well as longer durability. Fiberglass makes it possible to design at best the most mechanically stressed parts. It also ensures excellent chemical resistance of the surfaces in contact with the pumped liquid.

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  • Body entirely made of vinyl ester resin reinforced with fiberglass 

  • Asynchronous three-phase dry motor with IP68 protection 

  • Excellent mechanical strength and chemical resistance

  • Vinylester resin reinforced with fiberglass is free from liquid aggression (corrosion) and therefore does not release particles or substances that can alter the liquid

  • Abrasion and wear resistance

  • Fireproof material

  • Maintenance-free, auto-lubricated over-sized ball bearings 

  • 2 mechanical seals (top and bottom) for perfect isolation between the motor and the pumped liquid 

  • Safety Box LT2-A: system including two devices to detect anomalies: thermal protection to detect temperature increase and a water infiltration detector in the oil box