SATURNsub for abrasive liquids

Main pumped products


V1A | Vinyl ester resin 

For liquids with a low concentration of abrasion such as fossil sheel flour, ashes, titanium dioxide. 

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  • Body entirely made of vinyl ester resin reinforced with fiberglass 

  • Asynchronous three-phase dry motor with IP68 protection 

  • Excellent mechanical strength and chemical resistance

  • Vinylester resin reinforced with fiberglass is free from liquid aggression (corrosion) and therefore does not release particles or substances that can alter the liquid

  • Abrasion and wear resistance

  • Fireproof material

  • Maintenance-free, auto-lubricated over-sized ball bearings 

  • 2 mechanical seals (top and bottom) for perfect isolation between the motor and the pumped liquid 

  • Safety Box LT2-A: system including two devices to detect anomalies: thermal protection to detect temperature increase and a water infiltration detector in the oil box