SATURNevo for general purpose

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V1G | Standard vinyl ester resin FRP

The ideal solution for the major part of corrosive agents containing acids, alkalies, detergents, sea water, brine, etc. 

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  • Long-coupled "ZGS" or close-coupled "ZMS"

  • Compact version "ZCS" for small spaces

  • Capacities up to 1350m3/h

  • Excellent mechanical strength and chemical resistance 

  • Performance efficiency superior to 80% guaranteeing high-quality consistent over time

  • Epoxy resin reinforced with fiberglass is free from liquid aggression (corrosion) and therefore does not release particles or substances that can alter the liquid

  • 5 different resin mix to adapt the pump to the various liquid pumped (chlorine, fluoride...) 

  • 1-piece pump body  

  • Back pull-out system for long-coupled version (= easy maintenance)

  • ANSI/ASME B73.1 conformity 

  • ATEX Zone 2 (Serie II 3/3 IIB T4) conformity  with V1X version (conductive liner) 

  • Lightweight thanks to the material and ARGAL technology 

  • Impeller made of FRP reinforced with carbon fiber for more strength (cavitation issues are reduced to minimum)

  • Baseplate entirely made of FRP and adjustable 

  • Feet and flanges reinforced in Kevlar (more resistant)

  • 80% customizable with the ARGAL TAILOR-MADE Program

  • ​FRP accessories to empower or adapt the pump to any system 

  • Upon request: possibility to choose the color of your pump