Polypropylene Nesk pump

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Chemically and mechanically resistant, this thermoplastic polymer is used for Nesk pump to transfer acids, alkalis, detergents or even solvents. Thanks to its properties and dimensional stability, polypropylene is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant as well as moderately abrasion-resistant. 


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Nesk range is made of vertical pumps with external installation to transfer or recirculate large volumes of corrosive fluids. They can be installed with different types of mechanical seal, simple or double flushed. The innovation is made in the impeller profile and the casing pump structure.

Capacity: up to 275 m3/h
Motor powers: kW 4 ÷ 45 
Wetted parts: PP or E-CTFE 


Efficient, silent and reliable, the NESK pump offers: 

  • low noise

  • speed up to 1450 rpm

  • single or double flushed mechanical seal

  • reduced maintenance

  • longer life cycle 

  • installation above the ground to prevent damages

  • resistant to corrosion


Nesk pumps are ideal for the following applications: 
- aluminium anodic oxidation (cooling and blending into oxidation baths) 
- metal industry (pickling)
- surface treatments (blending baths)