PVDF Solef® KGK pump

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Abrasive-resistance and highly stable fluoropolymers. Its valuable chemical resistance allows to the pump to drag highly abrasive liquids as well as corrosive and high-temperature fluids. 


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  • Process sump pumps for aggressive liquids

  • 3 versions according to the performance and pump size: KGK G1 - G2 (radial volute casing) o KGK G3 (axial volute casing)

  • Available in materials PP or PVDF with column reinforced with fiberglass

  • Up to 275m3/h 

  • Column from 0,5 to 5m 

  • 3 motor execution available according to the specific gravity of the liquid pumped: "N" standard -  1,1 s. gravity ; "P" powered - 1,35 s. gravity ; "S" super-powered - 1,8 s. gravity

  • Different flushings available 

  • ISO 9906:2012 Grade 2 conformity

  • The shaft's guide bushings are made of ceramics or silicium carbide

  • Different vapor sealing systems or rotating mechanical seals available for the protection against corrosion of the superior metallic parts 

  • No need for a sealing system against leaking 

  • The construction of the bushing and coupling is compact, ensuring an easier installation and improved use