Polypropylene KGK pump

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Chemically and mechanically resistant, this thermoplastic polymer is used for KGK pumps to transfer acids, alkalis, detergents or even solvents. Thanks to its properties and its dimensional stability, polypropylene is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant as well as moderately abrasion-resistant.

Version PP + Fiberglass 

This special coating version confers a greater strength and robustness which limits probable linear extensions due to variable temperatures of the liquid and of the environment. 

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  • Process sump pumps for aggressive liquids

  • 3 versions according to the performance and pump size: KGK G1 - G2 (radial volute casing) or KGK G3 (axial volute casing)

  • Available in PP or PVDF with column reinforced with fiberglass

  • Capacity up to 275m3/h 

  • Column length from 0,5 to 5m 

  • 3 motor execution available according to the specific gravity of the liquid pumped: "N" standard -  1,1 s. gravity ; "P" powered - 1,35 s. gravity ; "S" super-powered - 1,8 s. gravity

  • Different flushings available 

  • ISO 9906:2012 Grade 2 conformity​

  • ​Upon request:  ATEX Zone 2 (II 3G Ex h IIB T4 Gb X)

  • The shaft's guide bushings are made of ceramics or silicon carbide

  • Different vapor sealing systems or rotating mechanical seals are available for the protection against corrosion of the superior metallic parts 

  • No need for a sealing system against leaking 

  • The construction of the bushing and coupling is compact, ensuring an easier installation and improved use