Main pumped products


One of the best techno-polymers, E-CTFE is known for its chemical and mechanical resistance. Pumps made of E-CTFE can transfer any liquid: highly corrosive, abrasive, hard liquids and even with high temperatures. Thanks to its structure, E-CTFE offers a superior robustness, and thus it improves reliability and durability. 


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  • Available in pure PP or E-CTFE+carbon 

  • Capacities up to 90m3/h 

  • Magnetic version for clean liquids or mechanical sealed version for viscous or dirty liquids

  • The integral version (instead of the common plastic flanges) and the armored version (instead of the cast-iron) both allow to reduce the load weight on the pump body

  • Upon request: ATEX  Zone 1 (II 2G Ex h IIB T4 Gb X)

  • ISO 2858 conformity 

  • Rolling bearing located in the lantern to reduce the dynamic radial loads

  • Wet-end system for easy maintenance operations without dismounting the pump from the plant