PE1000 ZGE pump

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PE1000 (UHMW-PE) is the ideal material for pumping abrasive and hard liquids, such as concentrated acids. It is more wear-resistant than polypropylene. This material is particularly used for pumps operating into chemical, food, pulp, and paper industries, typography, or even for water treatments and surface treatments. 


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EUROPA series is equipped with cast-iron armour and it is made for process operations requiring large transfer loads.  


  • Made of: PVDF - PP - PE1000 - PVC 

  • ISO 2858 Conformity

  • Machined solid-block covered with cast-iron armour

  • Capacities up to 1700 m3/h

  • Back pull-out execution

  • Efficiency up to80% (thanks to the double impeller technology)

  • Upon request: ATEX  Zone 2 (II 3G Ex h IIB T4 Gb X) and Zone 1 (II 2G Ex h IIB T4 Gb X)

  • Cast-iron armour coated with highly corrosive-resistant varnish 

  • Large choice of mechanical seals for a perfect execution

  • Draining kit (optional)

  • Colour customization available upon request

  • 3 motor executions for pumping liquids with specific gravity: "N" standard p.s. 1,05 kg/dm3; "P" powered p.s. 1,35kg/dm3; "S" superpowered p.s. 1,8kg/dm3


  • Process operations for the transfer of corrive liquids, such as acids, hydroxides, salts, strong acids, hydrocarbons.

  • Chemical processes

  • Pharmaceutical processes

  • Tanneries

  • Water and wastewater treatments

  • Chemical transfer, loading, and distribution

  • Metal treatments (galvanic baths, electroplating)

  • Heat exchangers 

  • Scrubbing towers