QUANTUM-S series is the brand new solution designed and made for the semiconductor sector.


The pump is entirely made of machined ultra-pure PTFE with diaphragms and balls made of modified PTFE. 


This configuration not only gives high chemical resistance and mechanical strength, it also ensures a ultra-pure safe pumping up to 120°C.



  • DQS 100 - 1" - up to 85 l/min

  • DQS 125 with integrated dampener - 1 1/4" - up to 125 l/min

  • Advanced and safe design for semiconductor Industry

  • Incredibly low pulsation effect

  • Diaphragms made of modified PTFE

  • Unique 5-piece Air Distribution System 

  • No metal part in contact with the liquids

  • Ultra-clean assembly, testing and packing (optional)

  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • On-site training and VR/AR assistance (optional)

  • For high-purity applications




QUANTUM-S series is made for being installed into Semiconductor industry for a safe and ultra-pure operation. The design and materials used to allow the supply of different chemicals, with reliability, efficiency and precision.
Such pump is highly required for the emerging sectors where purity, precision and safety are key-words.

This special series is ideal for the following applications

  • Heat transfer

  • Ultra-pure chemicals

  • Electrolyte solutions

  • Mercure

  • Solvents

  • Sulfuric acid

  • Hydrochloric acid

  • Nitric acid

  • Phosphoric acid

  • Hydrofluoric acid

  • Hydrogen peroxide

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