Pulsation dampeners

The pulsation dampener is mounted on the line where the liquid is delivered and reduce drastically pulsation, liquid hammers and vibration of the pump. It should be used for avoiding pressure peaks, thermic expansions, sudden starts and stops or fast valve shut-offs of delivery valves. 

Four models are available in plastics (PP, PVDF, POMc) or in stainless steel (AISI 316, AISI 316 L, AISI electro-polished). 

The pulsation dampener

  • stabilises the flow generated by volumetric pumps

  • reduces significantly the vibrations

  • reduces liquid hammers

  • prevents the potential damages caused by pressure peaks

  • significantly reduces the noise of the system

  • protects the appliances connected along the same hydraulic line

  • reduces the maintenance cost of the plant

  • increases global productivity 

  • operates with viscous liquids or laden with solids


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