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ELK pumps are peripheral mag-drive and self-priming, particularly suitable for suction and delivery of chemical agents within very rapid priming times. It is reversible, so by reversing the direction of rotation, the flow direction of fluids to be transferred is reversed. 


Capacity: up to 40 l /min 
Construction: close coupled
Motor powers: kW 0,55 : 1,1 
Wetted parts: PP or E-CTFE

Working principle

1 | Stopping phase
A small quantity of liquid is trapped into the pump to enable the next starting 

2 | Priming Phase
the impeller gives an accurate circulation of air + liquid mix moving air from the suction pipe to the discharge side in the atmosphere. 

3 | Pumping phase
After the air is removed from the suction side, the tube is flooded by the liquid, and the pumping phase can start. 

ATEX Zone 2 standards (Serie II 3/3GD IIB T 135°c) 

ELK self-priming pumps comply with ATEX Zone 2 and therefore are ideal for running into dangerous and explosive atmosphere


Thanks to its design and materials of construction, the ELK self-priming pump develops more suction lift in a shorter time compared to traditional self-priming pumps which allow the pumping of corrosive and heavy liquids such as sulphuric 98%, hydrochloric 33 %, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, ferrous chloride or even sodium hypochlorite.   

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Our self-priming pumps boast the following important features:  

  • pumping liquids with a specific gravity without reducing performance by installing electric motors of increased power;

  • the use of E-CTFE for magnetic versions offers an unparalleled chemical resistance when compared to other injection moulded polymers;

  • the close-coupled versions have standardised electric motors. 

3 versions are available: Hippo (ZMA), Elk (TMA G1) and Rhino (TMA G2) 

Capacity: up to 50 m3/h 
Construction: close-coupled
Motor powers: kW 0,55 : 7,5
Wetted parts: PP, E-CTFE, U-PVC, PDVF 


The self-priming process allows to carry the pumped fluid by aspiring air and then by collecting the liquid. Thanks to Argal's specific self-priming construction, our pumps are able to operate with higher suction length and shorter priming times than traditional self-priming pumps.