Markets: Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Refining, Pulp & Paper, Wood Products, Automotive, Mining, Metals Processing


  1. Volute casing;
  2. Centrifugal impeller (open type);
  3. Ogive;
  4. Rear casing;
  5. Central Disk;
  6. Internal mechanical seal;
  7. Sleeve shaft;
  8. Counter plate;
  9. Shaft;
  10. Dividing plate;
  11. Bracket;
  12. Guard plate.


ZMR pumps are foresen with single mechanical seals, lubricated by the pumped liquid or with double mechanical seals flushed with liquid of externchemically compatible to the liquid pumped of external supply. With casings and impeller made of of GFR PP (Glss fiber reinforced polypropylene) or CFF E-CTFE  (carbon Fibre Filled Ethylene Ethylene CloroTrifluoro ) virtually all chemicals,  to low and medium temperature, can be pumped. The different combinations of sliding counterfaces material available of the mechanical seals, allow to pump liquids laden with suspended solids or abrasive. Electricl motors aarted with three different power steps : "N" standard, "P" enhanced or "S" super enhanced, allow to pump, even at full capacity, liquids of incresing specific weight (1,05 - 1,35 - 1,8).


The pump casing can be aassembled in several position  to direct the delivery connection  toward the piping of the plant and ease the installation of the pump.  


Standard cylindric threded connessions BSP or NPT tapered threads; flanged connessions compliant to ISO, ANSI, JIS dimension.


ZMR pumps are designed to host standardised  IEC or NEMA electric motors.